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When is it urgent to contact the doctor?

Knowing when a child's problem is urgent may be difficult. The following is a list of some of the signs which should alert you to call in immediately.

  1. Cyanosis-bluish color to lips and mucous membrane unrelated to environmental temperature.
  2. Significant labored and/or difficult breathing.
  3. Croupy or barky cough; or wheezing with significant labored breathing.
  4. A convulsion or seizure.
  5. Ingestion of poisons.
  6. Persistant forceful vomitting or frequent copious water loss stools especially with signs of dehydration-no tears; marked decrease in frequency and/or amount of urination.
  7. Excessive listlessness-not arousable.
  8. Extreme irritability-not consolable.
  9. Significant trauma or head injuries.
  10. Newborn (up to 6-8 weeks) with fever greater than 100.4 rectal temperature.
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